"You must hold on!"

But I could feel my fingers slipping from his grasp, and, even as a look of abject horror spread across his features, our connection snapped.  His hand reached out to both of my flailing ones, but the increasing distance and the thick fog made such a grasp folly.  Without the assistance of Cole's wings, he could not reach me.  A bolt of lightning slid between us, briefly illuminating the starless night and the single airship that flew thousands of feet above the tower.  The fickle Craft he had inherited could do nothing either.  As the heavy fog rolled once more between us, his grey eyes, wide with fear, melded into nothingness.   

"Lucretia!"  His voice called my name.  Then there was only the wind, whistling in my ears as I fell.

I was alone as I rapidly descended into sheer terror.