Concerning This Endeavour...

"Bonnets and Bolts: The Journal of Lucretia Stern" stemmed from my interests in steampunk, history in general, Victorian costume, and the First World War, a desire to write in character, and some free time.  Thus was Lucretia and her world born.

I don't bear any pretense towards being an author (I think I've actually finished one short story in 15-ish years of writing), nor do I enter into this ongoing story blog with any far-reaching goal in mind.  I have no clue whatsoever where Lucretia's journey is going to take her (and me), beyond the first few planned events.  However, I have always loved creating new worlds and new characters - characters, especially.   

Some influences (briefly) which contributed (and continue to do so) towards the ideas for this endeavour include Susan Krinard's "Oliva and Kit" short stories (she needs to write more! ;-) and Hayao Miyazaki's film version of Howl's Moving Castle.  However, since my drawing skills are almost nonexistant (my penciling comes and goes), I'll be attempting to include photographic images along with each entry (which, by extension, leads into another passion - collecting photographic postcards... ;-)

Won't you join myself and Lucretia on a journey of imagination and discovery?

Gwen (Lucretia's alter ego)

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